Keel laying for Multi Purpose Pontoon (MPP) & Submerged Dumping Tool (SDT)

published: 26.10.2021

On October 26, 2021 Femern Link Contractors laid the keel for its multi-functional MPP / SDT unit at the Crist Shipyard, Poland.
The construction of the MPP/SDT will be used in the building of the world’s longest submersible tunnel between Germany and Denmark.

StoGda, as a part of its Agreement with the Crist Shipyard, will prepare the Basic Design project development and complete the Workshop Documentation as well as As-Built Documentation.

More details in the article:

The MPP / SDT unit is another floating tool that will be used to build offshore concrete structures. Previously, StoGda executed the „Marco Polo” floating dock and the „Zourite” self-elevating barge.
More information about these units, also jointly realized with #Crist, can be found here: