The Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF)

published: 06.04.2020

The Arctic Offshore Farming (AOF) project was realized for Fosen Seafarm Construction AS, Norway in 2019-2020.

The AOF project shall be remote-controlled, submersible marine installation for salmon farming which be located in Øyfjorden in northern Norway. The fish farming system consists of two semisubmersible cages and a feed barge. The distance between the individual structures are some hundred meters and they are moored independently of each other. The feed barge shall provide fish food (pellets), power and control to the two cages.

The cages (3000 tons each) consist of a semi-submersible hull (formed as hexadecagons) with a lower and upper pontoon connected by columns. The net cage is suspended from the hull and consists of a double net, a rigid lower ring and a conical part with a weight at the bottom.

StoGda’s scope includes Workshop Documentation of cages for Main Structure and Major Outfitting Structure.  Documentation for Minor Outfitting Structure was prepared first as Basic Design and after client approval Workshop Documentation was issued. As-built Documentation is also in StoGda’s  scope.

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