ELEKTRA as a „Ship of the Year”?

published: 08.03.2018

ELEKTRA has been chosen as 1 of 3 nominees in the category of “Ship of the Year” at the 2018 Marine Propulsion Awards.

All the award entries have been considered by a panel of independent judges and the shortlists have been published this week for a public vote: http://www.sulphurcap2020.com/awards.htm

ELEKTRA is up against very big companies (like Shell!) and here is the direct link for the „Ship of the Year” category:

Voting will close on Monday 19th of March and that vote will be combined with the judges’ views to determine the winner of each category.

The Modern Hybrid Double Ended Ferry ELEKTRA (project no. P310), the second battery ferry in Europe and the first ferry in the world to charge its batteries directly from the shore electricity supply was ordered by FinFerries and built by shipyard Crist.

Battery charging station of ELEKTRA

StoGda basing on the Owner’s concept provided complete design, including Contractual Design, Basic Design, model tank tests (including maneuverability lake test and ice tank tests), Workshop Documentation and As Built Drawings. StoGda was also responsible for designing the Ro-Ro equipment installed onboard.

Please feel free to vote and spread this news … thank you very much.